New Vicroads rules for cyclist...

As of the 9th Nov some new road rules come into effect that effect turning at intersections…

More info…

yea, a proper seat is important.

did they forget to mention about brake/s :lol:

these advanced stop lines are fine in theory, but in practice every second dildo in a car views them as a way they can get a head start in their race to the next red light.

According to this…

there is no specific mention of bell or brakes being required…

but 2228 "Fail to have lights or equipment. " is kinda broad & vague enough that it could be illegal not to have a luggage rack :slight_smile:

First they came for the trials riders
and I did not speak out, because I was envious of their godlike balance etc

A bicycle passenger must wear an approved bicycle helmet and sit on a proper seat when riding on a bicycle.

No dinking, but i sense a resurgence of banana seats?

That animation is great, love the speed the car takes off at compared to the cyclist.

no dinking?! lame, i had a great time dinking a girl on my handlebars from east brunswick to north melbourne. even made it up abbotsford st hill, then i coughed up a lung.

i second the vote on the animation i had a giggle

Pardon me for being dim… but what makes any of that different to road rules as they currently stand?

Just an excuse for the cops to nail another minority cycling group (trials)? :wink:

Not really, it’s not like anyone (cyclists/drivers/pedestrians) follow the road rules anyway.

It’s nice to finally live in a city where cyclists are actually acknowledged.

By acknowledged do you mean ‘get off the fuckin’ road you faggot cyclist?’ :evil:

It just occured to me that when Vicroads mention you must be seated, are they effectively outlawing track standing?!

Damn, there goes my whale skin saddle…

I never see track stands anyways. I see guys badly, wobbling back and forth a lot, and edging their way into intersections. I seldom see a ‘track stand’. :evil:

is this anything new? or just the vicr publicising what is already enforced??

Code 2229 Riding improperly.

Kinda seems like they’d like to outlaw skid stopping/anything that annoys roadies anytime they like :wink: lol…
Like: this bunch of no chatter roadies overtook me on the WGB yesterday and continued to impose their “I’m a roadie, I go first”… lol… except that most of 'em were left far behind as we entered the city :wink:

and,… yeah,… I skid stopped at every light (I’ve got brakes) just to piss them off… hehe… I doubt many of our ‘esteemed’ pollies and beaurocrats ever ride a bicycle, much less fixed!

Just sit while you trackstand :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with nexus on this- seldom do I see a quality track stand anymore, let alone a SEATED trackstand heaven forbid!

Anyone else noticed this disturbing trend?

I see some nice trackstands around Elizabeth street… But then, I was walking so had more time to check out eye candy n bikes :wink: