New Vigorelli replacement for hipsters- Look 464 Pista

Looks very nice, especially at USD $800.00 price point:

Aluminum aero profiles, carbon fork drilled for brake.

Just you wait- I bet they’ll be thousands of these been skidded around the USA in the coming months… :mrgreen:

Spotted that thing a month ago :wink:

Totally agree with your prediction. Nice looking bike.

i’ll take 2 if they come with that wheelset for $800 :-o
vigorelli’s still look nicer.
i’d take the one in the background of the second shot but

tempted to purchase!

at 800 USD i would rather purchase myself a bianchi concept/super pista, you save yourself 51 USD and will have way more street cred than that.

i know what you mean.

i can;t ride at all if i leave my house and forget to bring my cred with me…

ruins my whole day.

looks shit boring though.

I would take the LOOK ! I cannot imagine them releasing a rubbish track frame. hmmm…