New York, New York...

Hey all,

In Frederick, Maryland USA at the minute, heading upto the big apple tomorrow for a few days. Anyone know of any good shops/fixed hangouts in the downtown area??

Much appreciated,

pretty sure trackstar is on the island.

king kog in williamsburg, brooklyn (take the L) is decent, too.

There’s probably a fixie shop on every corner in NY!

once you get there, head for thompson park.
you’ll find a shit load of messengers hanging one of them will point you towards whoever is cheapest this week.
or just ask any messenger you see on the street where they are hanging out now, i haven’t been there for 10 years and the place has changed beyond recognition for me.
other option is to head for the new york bike messenger assocaition at and look around there.
hope this helps

Can you pick up a white Aerospoke from King Cog for me?

Can you also grab me a bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and onion plus a fucking beer. Then send it to CraigC, wherethefuckarewe tribe, Melbourne ‘fucking’ Oztrailia…

Mate, you forgot the beetroot!

Oh yeah, good call Nexus :wink:…And fucking Beetroot!!!

Say hi to the cunts are Trackstar from me.

YOU MUST try the dumplings and pancakes from around the corner. Best/cheapest eat in Manhattan.

enjoy. it’s a great city to play in.

Well, thankyou all for directions. Found trackstar really easily, near everyone on two wheels pointed it out for me! As for the bagel, well it didn’t even make it out the shop door…or was that the beer!?!

Now for the next question, I’m off to Eindhoven, Netherlands, at the start of June for a wedding, then touring 'round Eastern Europe for 3 weeks, then finshing off in Paris staying for a week with my girlfriends brother. Does anyone now Europe like you knew NYC???

Everyone should check out this vid, made by a local boy in a big city…

Going to Berlin? Check out Keirin Berlin (, they are a dedicated Fixed shop. A Melburnite (makatron) even did the graf mural on their wall :wink:

There is another shop that has a lot of beautiful vintage italian road gear, plus some very pretty fixed gear in Prenzlauer Berg, but I can’t remember the name. If you do actually go to Berlin, let me know, and I’ll do some research.

As for Amsterdam, I spent quite a bit of time there, but can’t say I spotted any dedicated Fixed shops - I did see quite a few fixed gears in the wild though. Greatest city on the planet for cycling, damn, enjoy your stay there, you’ll have a blast.