Newbie First Fixed Gear VISP Build..

Just got into this fixed gear couple months ago, and yeah I love it! :wink:

This is my first build, as I’m still newbie, I need suggestion here from all of senior members here :slight_smile:

Here are some picts:

I did repaint the rims and change the tyres from yellow to red theme :cool:
I didn’t enjoy riding with bullhorn, so I swapped to risebar handle.

Here are the specs that I can remember:
VISP 52 Black Decals Frame
Lasco Cranks
Shimano BB
Stars Rims (repainted)
CST Tyres
Deda handlebar and stem
Wellgo pedals + toeclip
Novatec Hubs

Now I’m looking to get Trick frame, like Leader 729 or maybe any suggestion?

sorry for crappy photos, using blackberry camera :frowning:

Worry less about what it looks like and more about learning to ride it well.

Coloured chains never work.

yeah. you have just built a new bike, ride it.

I have a severe dislike for stickers, but that’s just me…

Chain guard?

Jeans obviously aren’t tight enough…

Looked tough in yellow.
Would look tougher with an aerospoke but.

saving for aero, either front or rear, coz only can afford one at a time :stuck_out_tongue:
no one here have them in stock, while i cant be bothered to buy it online, affraid of fraud etc etc :frowning:

Walk into a shop, say “I’d like to buy an arrospok plz”, and they will order one for you.

I’ll sell you mine, pm me

bike force richmond had two last time i was there

just bought heaps of shit online recently and no problems at all, and the dollar is shitting it in now too

maybe you should think about not defrauding your dignity by getting one in the first place though

Shhhh dude aerospokes are pretty sweet

Also, finding out price to ship it to him tomorrow, he’s getting it pretty cheap


I’d definitely remove stickers, not a big fan of free promotion or shouting out what you are riding.
Love the red’s

Spray everything matte black… even the saddle.

+1 but twice

Hey! That’s my approach!

buy a good chain, then buy all the shit wheels you want

I bought a 'spok off of ebay.

Then sold it on here.