Newbie, needs skills

Just purchased my first fixie (a secondhand Colossi), and was wondering the best approach to developing some fixie skills. I sold an old Tom Wallace once to a guy on the coast who told me about the fixie scene down there (newbie skills sessions on tennis courts etc). Is there a club? in brisbane where you can learn the basic survival skills before heading out on the night rides i’ve read about.

If the bike has brakes just get out there and ride it around. You’ll figure it out soon enough.

Go to a carpark. Ride fast, lean forward, lock feet/knees, skid.

Probably fall off.

Then repeat on a field and try to wheelie.

That’s about the two sick fixxaaaaay things to do, amirite?

Backward circles, duh!

Thanks, I’m running just the front brake. Think I’ll start scouring for carparks out of public view where I can crash in peace.

Track stand at every set of lights you can find. That’s the only way you’ll improve.

Passed a girl in Arden Street this morning on a stickered up track bike, and she’d pulled a totally, motionless track stand at the lights. Best I’ve seen in years!.

find a park. softer ground for when you crash, easier to skid on.

Went I first started riding “fixies” a friend and I would go to a carpark and practice trackstands and skids and drink beers.

Didn’t really make us a better riders. You’re better off just riding (safely) around the streets and learning that way.

become courier, learn on the job.

I learnt to ride backwards circles on the wooden floorboards of the architecture faculty, normally between midnight and 3am, whilst procrastinating.

Would recommend.

This. As a plus, do this outside Melb Museum and look like a hipster.

why do people (ZOLT) put fixie into quotation marks? Is it to distance themselves from the implied socio-cultural forces?

The same reason people put on rubber gloves when handling something that’s gross.*

And I dislike the word “fixie”.

  • I stole that from someone on here.

why do you dislike it it though is my question? Obviously the quotation marks are to handle it with care

Just sell it and buy a CX bike and polka dot socks. That’s all the rage now.

Isn’t it all about mountain bikes now?

I think it sounds dumb.

Nope. That’s a Canberra thing.

All the sydney kids are doing it too. Feel so left out.

I’ve been trying to master wheelies for so bloody long it’s ridiculous. little shitters like red and n8 get on my bike with 90 bloody inches and just pop it up no worries see ya later round the block pick up a big m and a snickers at 7/11 and the front wheel never touches the ground shit that makes me angry.

two words. stem. rooter. thanks. more skids. buy a soma everwear for the back. despite what some people will tell you it will last the longest out of any skid tire. rides pretty shit but can handle skids. don’t put a continental anything on the back, you’ll blow it out in a few days if you skid on it. i does heepz of skidz and that so i no what i’m on about… srzly. and yeah practice on the grass. get your technique happening then hit the tarmac.

and trackstanding is boss. two feet / one hand / one foot / no hands / no feet. in that order.

don’t get a teny wheel. do get an aero helmet. don’t wear aero helmets except on the couch. get a lo pro. then get a road bike.