Newbie with a Bendigo Madison Video

Hey all, first time poster, long time lurker. As a ‘hello’ I thought I’d post a video about the Bendigo Madison and one of the organisers, Rik McCaig. The international madison was cancelled thanks to rain this year, so the footage is from the club madison.

P.S I’ve got my bike sorted, so I’m not just trying to get trading access…

dude, excellent first post.

what’s your real name? i’ve raced up in bendigo quite a bit; we probably know each other.

(of course, if you don’t want to tell your real name on the forum, i’ll understand)

All good - my name’s Corey but I’ve never actually raced… I’m another broken down skateboarder getting into fixies. Holla next time you’re in Benders and we’ll go for a roll. There’s a few of us now, hoping for more.


old mate sam condor reckon’s he’s been rolling around bendigo on his fixie… you hooked up with him?

a few of us have talked about staying up there after thursday night racing, then rolling around town on our fixies all weekend, being totally cool. but mostly that plan degenerates into us talking about the felafel at lady sultan…

Don’t think I’ve seen him round - I do ride with a guy by a similar name though. You should stay up and ride, although I don’t know how many people ‘get’ fixies up here. We had ours parked the other night and it was fun to watch the confusion on peoples faces when they were looking at them. It’s good up here though - hardly any traffic, not many hills and plenty of pubs. Just gotta dodge bogans.

I remember when Melbourne used to be like that, I’d have chats to perplexed roadies at the lights all the time, in say… 07? - now days, nothin. :expressionless:

we ate at lady sultan on the last roll, highly disappointed with the downward spiral that turkish dispensary has travelled :frowning: