Newcastle Overnight 2018: Saturday November 17

Getting in early on this one after the prompt from Bigadz.

Who’s up for it this year? I plan on it, it’ll by my 6th consecutive one…

Yep I’m in.

As usual, I’m committed to dropping out at the last second.


I expect nothing less from you Hari. Or more, or anything really.

If you expect nothing, you’ll never be surprised- that’s my motto.

I keep my expectations as low as possible.

I’d love to finally do this ride. Would be a great ride to build up to. If there’s a slow pace group I’d be in i foshow!

Could always ride to Hornsby and then get the train back if you change your mind.

He’s onto you Hari.

Cam, the pace is generally not fast, not for me anyway. Always have decent breaks at the two official rest stops and usually a couple of other stops to eat etc.

I’m officially in, hoping for good weather.

I am out.

I’d love to do it. But fear my pace may be much slower than slow

We could always do a party ride. Tunes and beers and cheeseburgers.

I have one of those speakery thingos that fits in a bottle cage and/or a clydesdale fork that can fit your favourite cassette player…

I have various speaker options. Though a proper boom box on a clyde fork would be hilarious.

Yeah, I get back to Aus next week and after a year or so hiatus from proper cycling this would be a terrible idea. Might ride the first part and dip off back home at Berowra.

Final roll call on this?
I’m in but very underdone, and will be departing from Baulkham Hills as per usual, meeting the ride at Berowra.

I’m in, and am staying with friends in Hornsby so can I meet you there?

I’m out this year. Need the sleep.

Clashes with the white bay crit which I’ll be spectating. Soz for the lack of company from the hillz jono.