Newcastle Overnight 2019: 16 November '19

Hey there, it’s that time of year again.
Looking for expressions of interest: who wants to ride to Newcastle for a swim? Leaves from Observatory Hill at 9pm. As per always, I’ll be leaving from my place and meeting up with the ride at Berowra.
Link to Audax rego page: Newcastle Overnight (2019)-NSW

Who’s in? @Carlin ? @etomato ? anyone?

As always, I am considering it and will see how the gong ride goes on the 3rd.

Have a non-foa mate who is doing it again so may be convinced to give it a go.

Go on, give it a crack.

I plan to do it. Might even start in the city this year.

Cool, meet up at Mt White checkpoint?

@droz : how’d the gong ride go?

Gong ride was good. A little crampy towards the end which makes me nervous for doing 250% of the distance but am warming to the idea.

I can always bail at my parents house in Gosford anyway after 90ish kms.

How’s the elevation after the end of the old Pac?

I reckon 3/4 of the climbing is done by that point. There’s a few ups n downs but nothing really serious.

That’s the ride. Keeping in mind that I start in the hills, but you get the gist of the 2nd half.

Did a bit of a comparison to the gong ride elevation map and think it should be okay given most of the climbing is done by Gosford, gradients and climb lengths seem similar anyway.

Will register today. Probs not so keen if it rains tho.

I might also rethink if it rains.

Okay, coming up this weekend. According to the BOM we’ve got a 30% chance of getting a tiny amount of rain, which isn’t too bad. And tail winds the whole way, light south easterlies.

@droz you still considering?
@Carlin, what bike are you riding?

Anyone else?

Hey, I’m not sure really, probably the Ritchey or the old Clamont. Slow either way.

Re the hills and all, I find the undulations after Gosford to be hard. It’s just the fatigue and weirdness of riding at that time.

Cool. I’m not sure yet which bike, but I won’t be going real fast either. Feel like the primate has been neglected a bit this year, might need to dust it off.

Hmm, good to know re: hills. If anything I’d also be riding the Ritchey (twins!).

I have some family stuff to organise on the Sunday so it may be a bit dicey for me to make it for the ride. Will make a firmer decision later this week.

My bike choice had been made for me; rear tyre on the nfe is toast, has become a puncture magnet. Spare hetres are in storage and my new replacement tyres are sitting in customs. Soooo, riding the primate.

Sorry fellas, seems more likely that I’m out for this one. Will look forward (like always) to next year :frowning:

If you’re riding the Primate, I might need to take the roadie to keep up.

I don’t know why I do this each year, but I guess I’ll see you at Mt White.

Don’t worry, I won’t be going fast. I don’t think I’ve done more than 2 non-commute rides this year.
And yep, see you at Mt White.

I wish I could come. It’s my birthday on Sunday and this would be a rad way to celebrate it, but alas I have the kids this weekend (and Hungry Hungry Harry is coming over too)

Happy birthday @Bigadz