Newcastle Overnight: Saturday 10 December

Same - #duglyf was keen

Can’t go this year! Bday stuff with the family!

Ok time to lock in some plans. I will be at work for the day on Saturday, so might ride home to Berowra early in the daylight, put the kids to bed have dinner and then continue on overnight. Or I might just not worry about the kilometres and start from home.

Either way will I meet you at Berowra Jono?

Yep, meeting at Berowra is good. I might try and get there by 9.45 or so which should put us just ahead of the fast guys I think. I’m gonna be slow this year, so getting a jump might be a good idea.

There’s also still the possibility that I might have to pull out if my hand fails today’s commuting test. Felt okay this morning, but will see how I go this arv.

Either way I’ll message you on Saturday.

No worries, see how your hand goes. I’ll be riding the old Clamont/Miyata, it doesn’t go fast.

Cool, not fast works for me.