Newcastle Overnight: Saturday 10 December

Let’s talk.
All going well I’ll be doing this, with my usual Baulkham Hills starting point.

Who’s in?

tell me more…

i did a london to brighton night time ride…but im pretty sure it was a shorter ride, like 100km…and that took a good 8 hours.

100% in so I can drop out last minute.

If my move went successfully by then I am in this year. I also quite like that we have the office Christmas party the day before.

I will be riding a tall bike this year.

Get in on it !

Ps. I have some A0 posters for the ride at the shop if anyone has some where I could put up said giant posters please let me know.

All your bikes are tall bikes, Ollie.

Not sure what I’m riding but I should be in.

Working, but might look into taking leave for this.

Leave cbd at 9pm, then ride the ~180km to Newcastle.
They have food/coffee checkpoints at 60 and 120km, which are manned by volunteers and are totally awesome.
Usually takes between 9 & 11 hours depending on factors.

It can be a hard ride if you’re fitness isn’t up to scratch. Being on the bike when you should be asleep is weird.

Eughhhhhh want to do this again…

Not in the rain tho hey.

I did my first overnight ride this year, was amazing how not-tired i got.
The riding takes over from sleep.

We did about 100 miles mixed terrain, maybe 30% single track, 20% gravel/grass path, 50% road.

Best ride i ever did, looking forward to next years.

Yeah nah, stuff that eh… Actually with fenders on the CX bike it’d be pretty pleasant

Want to do this but have a family holiday booked in

oh shit…just realised the date, only a month away…yeah I’m probably a good 6 months and a bunch long rides away from being fit enough to tackle this one.

The one i did London-Brighton was on a fixie, but thats also after daily commutes for a few years plus i trained for about 3months. Like you say, riding at a time when your body wants to sleep is a hard thing to do, especially if your not fit enough.

but, it was a lot of fun and rolling into town early morning, having a big breakfast was great.

also, if you havent, look into a day spa, and book in some massages…so nice!

In now that I’ve got a road bike.

Didn’t you quit riding bikes somewhere in Europe?

Okay, this is a week-and-a-bit away.

Who’s in?

Weather is looking good, current forecast is no rain and 14-19 degrees, predominantly southern breeze.

My hand is still giving me grief and haven’t been riding much, so I’m pretty undercooked for this. Will be leaving from Baulkho, so might get on the road a little bit early and meet the fast guys at Mt White. Might be on the Elephant as it puts less weight on my hands.
If it rains I’m out, as wet gloves rubbing on a wound is not fun.

I’m in, organised leave from work for the following Sunday.

Otherwise I am pretty disorganised and this has sneaked up really quickly - I have no plans other than doing it.

I’m out. Have a family get-together that night. Looks like perfect conditions too.

Unfortunelty I can’t ride it this year.