Newcastle Overnight: Saturday November 11

125 points, a Greens Tshirt, bottle of hair dye and some welding rods.

The weather forecast is getting better as time goes on. No rain forecast, slight tailwind most of the way, minimum temps of probably about 12 degrees.

Hey, have a great ride out there tonight. I’ll be missing the company more the riding I think. If anyone needs help near Berowra then let me know.

I struggled pretty hard this year. Very thankful to have met up with Alex at Mt White, was great company to have while dragging myself up those hills. Fernleigh Track nearly killed me…

You were missed Carlin. Hopefully next year the stars will align. I’m gonna do my best to actually have some form…

Nice riding with you guys, thanks for coming along !

definite weird note of the evening was flying down the descent to Mooney Mooney with Alex and being greeted by like 12 random dudes literally mooning us on the road (clearly taking a break from their usual responsible social practice of racing hotted up cars in the wee hours of the morning)

Normally the mooning doesn’t kick in til after Gosford…

Somewhere before Budgewoi, we got a “high boys” from a couple of girls who were snuggling on the nature strip. This was sometime between 2 and 3 am. Alex and I had to check with each other to confirm it wasn’t a hallucination.

“high boys” said the high girls.

I had a remarkably good time despite battling a cold all weekend and struggling to even make it to the start point. Nothing an all night bike ride and swim in the ocean baths couldn’t fix though.

Thanks again for making it happen Ollie. It’s becoming a great institution.