Newcastle Overnight: Saturday November 11

Hey all,
This is coming up pretty fast. I’m sure you all know the deal by now: roll out of Sydney at 9pm, ride to Newcastle for a swim.
All the details you need are here:

As usual, I’ll be leaving from my place and linking up with the route at Berowra. Can meet up with anyone else at Mt White, which is the first supported stop. It’s not gonna be a fast one for me this year, I haven’t ridden much lately and am pretty underdone…

So who’s in? Carlin?

I think Dan is going to be manning a stop so I will likely go along to that and hang out, rather than ride.

I have a buddy named Seth doing it (keep an eye out for a red/yellow/blue coloured Guru steel road frame) - say hi if you see him!

Who’s Dan? Which stop? Save some good stuff for me, a beer would not go astray.

I’ll keep me peepers peeled.

Wheely Convenient Dan. Dunno which stop! I’ll find out.

Don’t forget beer

Maybe you’ll be 100% next year haha

im a maybe.

One of these years it’s bound to be my year. Last year I was actually reasonably fit but my hand was far from healed.

I’m in. Will be riding fixed.

Had considered doing the return leg on Sunday, but by chance I have a lift back to Sydney available (one bike only, sorry) so I think that sounds like the more sensible option.

You’re an actual madman.


You wanna hear madman? Jason (who used to come here sometimes) is doing it on a ReddyGo bike with a few other ppl.
In past years he’s done it on a hire tandem, a hard rubbish bmx, a 1950s ladies step-through, a vintage fixed path racer, and something I’m forgetting.

Also, I think Ollie is riding the fixed gear Clydesdale conversion.

Alex: I don’t know about Carlin yet, but should we try for a possible meetup at Mt White? Assuming that our overlap times aren’t more than about 10 minutes… I don’t want anyone to sit waiting and cool down too much like I had to do one year.

It’s come up quickly this year. It’s a work weekend for me, which means being back in the city by 9:15 on Sunday morning. Usually I take leave, but I have other stuff on this month. It’s possible, but I’m not sure if it is worth the fatigue yet.

Wow take that Alex, Joni here isn’t even impressed. What a guy.

obike or gtfo

No sweat Carlin, no way I’d be attempting that… A full day’s work after that would suck.

OK, if I was to start awarding madman points:

180km fixed w/brakes = 10 points (that’s me)
180km fixed brakeless = 35 points
180km 1950s step through = 45 points and a bottle of gin
180km hard rubbish BMX = 50 points and a sick sleeve tatt
180km O-Bike = 150 points, a bucket of Messina, two hot Swedish tourists (your choice of gender) and an all-expenses-paid trip down the hill to Bondi

Didn’t ollie do it on a tall bike one year?

I’ve done the working on Sunday after it twice now and would not recommend it.

I’ll be away for this but would encourage everyone to do it. Even if you haven’t done that kind of distance before somehow it goes real quick.

Ollie tallbiked it last year, it was less than ideal according to him. Only had a rear brake, he said the descents were pretty ordinary.