newfound respect for Mrs. Spirito

I drag Mrs. Spirito from her office to show her the special 25.0mm Campy aero seatpost that just arrived in the mornings mail, which now brings the Vitus project close to being complete.

I was all “voila” showing the seat post inserted in the frame and beaming with pride. Wasn’t facing her when she said “but it’s got a dent in it”. :-o


Immediately, I began to explain and go on and on (as I do) about it’s aero design and why and history and 80’s this and that and C Record when she cut me short. “Bozo, I was just kidding … it’s nice!”

She had me good :smiley: :lol:

pics of the whole frame plz :slight_smile: ?


sort of … still in assembly.

Off to the post office to see if the Mavic BB has landed. Using early series “mechano set” derailleurs and the pre-starfish cranks that otherwise are a Campy clone, and I have Mavic 501 hubs and near new MA40’s to lace up. Will probably go with the later style brakes in pictures (need to replace the pads and holders with something more original looking). I do have the early style Mavic calipers (made by Modolo) but I’ve never really liked them. Breaking my “all french rule” and using a Campy seatpost, Turbo saddle & Cinelli Bar/Stem (as Hinault did). Still not sure about brake levers … will see how it all bolts up.

Trying to use the Stronglight B10 plastic headset but missing one threaded insert for the top cup. We’ll see if I can locate the missing bit … it’d be kinda cool, it’s a wacky design, kinda obscure now but back in the day we used to drool at that kinda stuff. 68g !!!

I couldn’t afford a Vitus 979 back in the 80’s … had to settle for a Colnago Master instead. I love steel, always will … but I much admire Vitus frames and have enjoyed riding them a lot over the years. That and the wish to have a mostly French bike tickle my fancy. I’ll prolly end up buying a Citroen CX team car to match :smiley:

so what is this frame made of exactly? carbon main triangle and aluminium everything else?

No this is all Aluminium … and glue !!! Tubes glued to lugs. Something about “Aerospace” and computer designed French wackiness at it’s best. :sunglasses:

They did make a similar frame in the same style using Carbon tubes with Alu lugs and I sold a very rare Track version last year. That was something else.

I find them a unique design and like the way they ride. I’d love to find a petrol green KAS Vitus team bike Sean Kelly used to ride. There was one which is pictured below and I regret not buying it many years ago. Also a pic of the great Sean Kelly on a Vitus sporting France-Loire decals (I think they were a trade team).

I have a lugged alloy/heat bonded Sakae Litage. Confidence inspiring…

Speaking of inspiration: this inspires me to do something with it. Anyone got a suntour sprint headset or brake levers lying around?

Just do some reseach on the fork to make sure that you don’t have one of the suspect ones.

had to settle for a Colnago Master instead

my deepest sympathies :wink:

[quote="spirito "]

No this is all Aluminium … and glue !!! Tubes glued to lugs. Something about “Aerospace” and computer designed French wackiness at it’s best. :sunglasses:

They did make a similar frame in the same style using Carbon tubes with Alu lugs and I sold a very rare Track version last year. That was something else. [/quote]

i got chatting to a guy on the way home one day who was riding an intriguing looking Specialized that was carbon tubes/alu lugs. looked real nice. musta been light too, cos he rode away from me real fast :expressionless:

A mate of mine had a vitus 979 (im pretty sure at least) that he worked as a messenger on for some time.

much was made of his ‘foolishness’ given his style of riding, livelihood and the fact it was glued together.

he loved it… but apparently it got quite ‘noodley’ towards the end :-o

i had a Citroen CX at one point… i loved that car and all its idiosyncrasies.

spirito, you’re not the tears-for-gears blog creator are you?! I’m seeing a vintage Mavic groupset collector obsession connection… :mrgreen:

A friend of mine is building pretty much the exact same bike!

My god I love these frames. Never ridden one but always loved looking a them. Good luck with the build mate! So jealous.

ahh. ive been after a red vitus frame for quite a while now.
with not many bike connections its hard to track one down.

they sure are beautys.

I know of two unpainted NOS vitus 979 frames straight form the factory that are available at the moment. 50 and a 53 though.

My first real bike was a simlair vitus bought in London (blue ano) with dura-ace and shimano 600 For $80 quid. I loved it rode it flat out for four years learnt heaps about bikes from it but left the frame there after the forks cracked at the bottom lugs. I wish I had kept it now but I was bringing back three bikes back. Keep an eye on the bb area an older bike mechanic who I worked with told me that they often had to be re-glued at that point.

I’m amazed I landed this frame/fork. I was the only bidder, it was on Oz ebay and the seller is well regarded.

Black isn’t my fave of the colours but it’s just a colour and I’ve had red, blue and silver. I have noticed they have been creeping in price overseas and remember your WTB post here. Good luck, you’ll get one :wink:

No not me … I don’t really want to get Mavic obsessed like some. Headsets, bars, stem etc is all cool but it can get very pricey.

I didn’t plan to get all the Mavic parts. It just kinda happened in a drawn out and fortuitous way. When the Vitus arrived I realized I had most of what I needed. Still waiting on the BB.

a DS was my first car (for about 2 weeks) before my old man made my uncle take it back knowing I was going to kill it the way I was treating it. CX’s are way cool, I still marvel at them. From every angle there is something to excite the eye.

I know of a Vitus with more than 50,000k’s !!! I don’t understand noodley, they are quite flexible or springy by nature but once you learn to adapt it’s no big deal. It’s also part of their charm.