next Alleycat

interested if anyone knows of any alleycats coming up?

how do we know you’re not a narc

Oh man this is GOOD

u don’t, im new & tried to post in the tdF thread but can’t post in that forum; i presume i have to build up my post count

that’s weird, the ‘Road’ section shouldn’t have any restrictions that this one doesn’t.

what error message do you get?

posting on this forum has fixed the issue, changed from CAN NOT post to this forum to CAN POST, :slight_smile:

What’s an alleycat?

an animal that rumages around city bins lookng for morsels of food & breeding with anything on 2 or 4 legs that passes by

Looks nothing like a cat

hmmm, i need to drop into little bouke & get myself some honey BIN chicken

you are 8 years too late mate, but i fully support you riding nobr akes down collins st, carabina jingling in the breeze, warm spring breeze tickling hipster erogenous zone between your black vans authentic and rolled jeans.


you forgot that i am riding to my favourite ethically sourced vegetarian eat out, dreaming of when the next rave or naked bike ride is on; PS my daughter stole my blk vans, despite them being 3 sizes to big 4 her



Everyone should own a ridiculous pursuit bike at least once in their lives. Extra points if it’s a Ken.

nice find but i need one with canti studs so i can use it for SSCX duties also

you are mixing up FOA eras.

Yeah. It goes Fixie - serious track racing - vintage road - cx - bike packing - smug cargo/dyno commuter bike

Meh OK then , I’m broken- I’ve gone <2000 mtb then fixed then straight back to full endrobro mtb, *care factor zero

*any time on the treadly is a+