Next micro tour ideas ITT

that last trip was frickin cool. (apart from the deathness of the last 50ks - but in percentage wise this was only a very small part of the trip)

i have this idea using stanthorpe as a base. it’s just an idea but it also incorporates a few short hikes in the girraween (QLD) and bald rock (NSW) national park…(so bringing locks might be necessary)

These hikes are quite short but AMAZING!

anyway, we get to stanthorpe somehow and we ride to girraween - then we do a 1-2 hour hike - then we ride around to Bald rock and do another 45 minute hike, then ride back to stanthorpe. (around 100ks of riding)

the next day we have a “recovery” day with an easy 60ish km ride to Warwick. (60-70ks) or a ride to Killarney (100-110ks)

The day after that we ride home. (around 170 from warwick or a bit less from killarney)

this is the closest route available on bikely:

Bicycle Path - Bottlemart 2010 Midi-Smiddy Challenge - Day 3 at

but from warwick we’d change it to make it shorter: from warwick to maryvale via freestone.
then the cunningham highway to fassifern, then to kalbar and then pretty much the same route to brisbane

the other option is from fassifern taking the route left of the cunningham highway (like the start of the Ipswich 100) all the way to ipswich.

should get a tail wind

what do you think?

im obviously always keen for any ride that entails decent miles and a change of scenery

I read the title and thought you wanted to turn it into a individual time trial…? no?

I’m in, especially the Stanthorpe route. Last day looks cracking, starts with a 700m climb.

Let’s make this happen - we could aim for the 19-22/11? Shirts do you want to push it back until after your ride in Nov/Dec?

even more keen for an individual TT smashfest!

I’ll consult my irreplaceable PA, Tido, and let you know how my schedule stacks up