Nice 55cm Pinarello in Brunswick

In good nick and a fair price it seems.

Pinarello Shimano 56cm | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Moreland Area - Brunswick | 1048990245

^ I’m not totally convinced it is a Pinarello…need more information though.

Edit: that said, it is obviously a quality frame.

Yeah non chrome dropouts are unusual and the stays don’t look like Pinarello. The internal cabling were their high end models and they had panto’s galore (stays, fork crowns, dropouts); the ones I have/had (early 80s Premier and early 90s Gavia) both had them the only difference was the GPT logo against the later word panto.

Couldn’t see much in the pics but something to look for

I’ve got a 55cm pinarello frame and fork I’m selling if anyone is keen. It’s got a stuck stem though. The stem is colour matched to the frame and pantographed.

Pinny or not; seems like a reasonable buy, but worth a lower offer.