Nice angle bro?

Probably should have posted in the Bike Pron section but this is something else…

Nice angles!

Jeebus! super steep headtube, 0mm stem and forks with zero rake. Shit would ride whack.

it looks more shit than one of these things…

and these look like they were built by a plumber

For the love of god why, has it really come to this.

Looks good for barspins! :stuck_out_tongue:

All of my wat

You couldn’t call that porn, unless you’re seriously sick.
As a work of art hanging on a wall, it might be defensible.
As a working bicycle, it isn’t.

I’ve seen this before…

quote of the day! :smiley:

Max aero

Mr King and Mr Brooks are crying…

Spending much time on the forum Bender? You’ve jumped on every thread before me the last couple of days

Hollidays, just pissing about in the man cave building wheel and playing bikes, computer keeps calling me.

mdeit onto core77 somehow, Mystery (Half-)Solved: Michael Ubbesen Jakobsen’s BauBike Design ‘Mechanically Reproduced’ by Unidentified Aussie - Core77