Nice Ken roadie

Kenevans fixy bicycle, Reynolds 753, Dura Ace, Zeus, Suntour Superbe, Cinelli. | eBay

Someone buy this and un-convert this please!

This is the dancing baby of fixies for sale in australia. Unconverting it would involve some time with a torch and a respray.

guides, mounts and hangers all ground off !

Also, it almost looks like the rear brake mount been filled in?

I know, someone’s spent some time and $$ converting it?

yet no track ends

Yep. Someone on BNA did this I believe…

yeh, this has been floating for a while.

Was after I posted that I realised it had no guides/hanger etc, doh!

Probably cheaper to just get track ends put on it now rather than having all the guides brazed back on.