Nice older complete steel frame with canti's

More of a complete bike then a complete frame.

Blucher Road Bike may suit touring / cyclocross conversion. | eBay

This was on gumtree or the trading post or something for $150 or so. Looks like the seller wised up.

Damn. Exactly the kind of frame I’m looking for, but a bit steep.

He says, “frame built by Kerry Hopkins.” Does anybody know if this is true? I know Kev Wigham built Blucher Kolns, but I’ve never heard that Kerry Hopkins did.

No idea, but look at the stamped drop outs. It’s far from high end.

Funnily enough, there was one of these pretty much exactly the same in a Commuter the other week. I thought is was the same bike.

Recently serviced by Commuter Cycles, receipts available

its that bad for complete if you get it for around the starting price

One of the mechanics down at Abbotsford cycles told me that Blucher Kolns were made by at least three builders, KevWigs, some outfit from Adelaide (Pro-lite?) and perhaps K. Hopkins was the third one? I can’t remember. But I would say it is quite possible.

One and the same. Says serviced at Commuter in the listing.

My wife has a Blucher Koln. Its ok but not mind blowing. The brazing on the fastbacks is a bit shabby.

I should have read the whole listing instead of skimming it.