Nice One Craig!

Nice one Craig!

But I reckon it would’ve been funnier if you put the button on your arsehole instead of your face.


I’m not even going to bother sending in my pic now.

That can’t be beaten!

where was the warning on that link?

oh the humanity!

That was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen… :frowning:

absolutely…he could have at least shaved down

Craig, you have just given ‘wrong’ a whole new definition.

Surely you mean a HOLE new definition?

Fucking hilarious. I dont know whats funnier, craigs arse or all the reactions

ahahaha, fucking gold.

You can re-read the replies, but can you look at the picture again?


In the immortal words of U.S. Marine, Oliver North (Iran Contra affair) “I can neither confirm, nor deny those allegations to the subject in the photo.”

It’s alright Nick, you can admit that the photo gets you a little hard, maybe even stirs some secret desries, we’re all understanding around here.


I think I have come up with an idea for one that could beat that…

Just gotta wait to receive some goodies and find a willing participant!

Ooooooi com’n no sadomasochism allowed, children use this forum :wink:

and some of them have children who use this forum :wink:

I’ll volunteer, I can’t sink any lower…or can I?

I hope so…cause, I kinda LOVE IT!

Oooooh, but you may not have the ‘qualities’ required for what I am thinking of :smiley:

I don’t have my goodies yet, can anyone bring a SB button/badge to DISC Tuesday night that I can borrow for a few days?

I can give you the button that was up my arse if you like…