Nice rack

I need (read want) a front rack

Either for a steal 700c frame/fork with no braze ons and nothing to mount the rack to besides a brake hole that is being used by a brake and the front (bolt up) axle.

Or a 700c aluminum fork with braze ons behind the tips, mounts half way up the fork and a empty brake hole (running v brakes)

If its for the former its got to be sexy and slim. If its for the later it can be any old clunker. Not looking to spend a huge amount of money.

So let your wisdom rain down on me.


Fe: Difficult. You’d have to use P-Clamps and the brake hole, ok, but not for significant loads. Otherwise you could use a rack with axle supports, which will either be cheap and nasty (Wald, not that nasty, but I don’t think you can get them in Oz?), or heavy duty and pricey (Paul Flatbed)

Al: Brazeons behind the axle are for fenders, the fork blades will interfere with the rack legs unless you do some judicious spacing/bending. But you have mounts on the legs so you could mount a lowrider rack? Abbotsford also have a nice little Minoura rack that mounts on the brake bosses and comes in black/white/red/blue. It’s designed to work with cantis, but may work with Vees.

Sexy racks: ANT, Tubus, Jim Blackburn, Cetma, Ahearne

Unsexy: K-Mart.

Keep in mind that high trail = bad loaded handling. I try not to put too much on my front rack, it really throws the handling out. (Especially when I put a spring-loaded collapsible basket on the LHS and loaded it up asymmetrically!)

I scored an old Al Jim Blackburn front rack that mounts on brazeons & brake hole from Human Powered, but you have to be quick, they get snapped up in a flash.


Paul Flatbed: | Paul Flatbed
I’m wrong, it doesn’t use the axle, it uses brazeons, but comes with spacers to work with the ones behind the dropouts. (Best detail/craftmanship IMHO. Check out the Pizza Rack!) (Cr-Mo, Solid handlebar and axle mounts, removable railing, good value)

If you have some tubing and a MAPP torch you could probably homebrew your own copy of a CETMA.

Shifter Dan made a cool front rack bike, im not sure how it mounted though.

anyone remember this? I think it fitter a slab perfectly on the front.

I’ve got a chunky old club racer out the back with an old sturmy archer 3spd on it. This thread gets me keen to turn it into a rack bike with a nice paint job, some chrome components and sushi bars. Racks rock.

i have one a bit like this
except mine bolts to the headtube with U bolts. the advantage being that there’s no weight on the steering of the bike. i don’t have a bike to use it on, because you can’t run front rim brakes on most frames.

there’s a pic of shifter dan’s “slabberdan” rack here -
don’t know if it ever made it into production or not but i’m sure dan himself could tell you

these ones are very similar to dan’s

how about the surly “Nice Rack”?