Night Cruise Around The Town

Friday at 7:30pm - September 4 at 12:00am

Perth City, Art Gallery near the Wellington Train Station Bridge

We will ride mostly around north side Perth City, Mount Lawley, Leederville, Subiaco just whatever everyone fancy’s. Hope see you all friday night!

hmm i went to where i thought the meet point was… got there about 20 past 7. noone was there. rode around for AGES, up and back thru northbridge, back over that trainstation kinked road bridge thing, up and down wellington st, back over to the art gallery on the north side of the line, (that big street gallery thing on the corner) assuming that was the meeting point and noone showed. so i rode up into the city and was chilling there for a while then it started to rain so i rode home.


Yeah mate, i don’t think elliott was planned on going before i asked him. Oh well.

We were there outside the art gallery at 7:20 just over the bridge from the traino. Rode through the city/northbridge hit up a carpark for some skidzzzz, then mashed to kings park rode downhill at scary speeds, then up into subi.

Which gallery bro? That one on the northaide of the train line near the pedestrian bridge. It’s a street gallery or something with all this drug aware shot on it?? That’s the only art gallery I knew of near a bridge over a train line?? Or is there one near that weird bridge with the turns in it? Or am I way off the mark? :frowning:

its not the graffiti one, its the art gallery with the pink and yellow steps. and the big graff’d up buses in the middle of the foyer area

I’m sorry you’ve lost me. Where’s that?

across from wellington train station, its some government type art plaza between roe, williams, francis, and beaufort

cheers bro. went for a drive/walk this arvo and found it. i rode down up and down that part of william st too. only had to turn left and i was there. next time.