Nihon Keirin

Is there a way to upload pics off computer not just via a link? Can’t see a little paperclip icon.

We caught the bullet train with bike transport bags…had to take the wheels, seat and handlebars off, secure it all in a bag and there was space behind the back seats to store. The bag cost about $35 I think.
We caught a couple of local trains with the bike bags but it was quite impractical, I would advise against it especially at a busy station or during peak hour, you will just get in everyone’s way. The train system is super convenient, and we found Tokyo super easy to ride around, even through the busiest areas because all the drivers and pedestrians are very predictable!

That’s no longer a function because it never worked properly. It’s probably best to use cyclebucket to upload photos.

Cool here are some pics, first our bike setups:

Both singlespeeds with some bags and racks, fit about a weeks worth of stuff in. I was riding 48-18 which was probably a little bit hard, my mate was riding 44-19 I think.

Should of taken more pics of the shops as they were so visually overwhelming it was hard to take it all in…

Keirin was such a different atmosphere to most things in Japan:

One of the favourite places we went was an abandoned theme park in Nara, just so happened we were riding through on the way to Osaka, place was amazing:

Take a bike to Japan!