Nihon Keirin

I’m visiting Japan for a month in June this year, I was wondering if anyone has seen much Keirin stuff in Japan?
Can you visit the Keirin school? Are the frames any cheaper over there?

The only events I’ve found is the Prince Tomohito Cup and the Prince Takamatsu Memorial Cup in June and July, does anyone know if you can just turn up and buy a tickets? Any small amounts of google info I’ve found isn’t very helpful and most is written in Japanese :frowning:

i think most ex-kierin frames sell for about $50 each so take a few suitcases and bring like 34 home with you

I went to one keirin track when I was there in 2009. It wasn’t very exciting, but there was no racing on, just training. You can just turn up and buy tickets to watch. It’s like going to horse or dog racing here.

There’s a couple threads on here about traveling to Japan.

DreamWorks and Sexon Super Peace (and Punch, if it’s still open) in Tokyo sell ex-keirin frames, but they aren’t cheap.

I’m going to Japan in may. Gonna go nagoya - tokyo. want to see if I can bring a frame home as well.

anyone know of any places in tokyo to get some bike stuff?? also good places to ride??

Japan bike guide - Kumo Cycles: Custom Bike Frames

also there are good to check out, all over japan, some bargains some crazy expensive stuff if you can suss some translating you can get stuff sent from other shops in Japan to the closest one.

thank you. might have a squizz. and yaeh, i stumbled upon brakefree’s write up. Will look into tonight. Should be fun. Was gonna bring mine but cbf getting brakes for it and going bali after so probably not a good idea

I’m going to Japan in may too!

Blue Lug is awesome. Go there.

brakefree, when are you going? :slight_smile:

May 16th I think, will be there for two weeks

This. Definitely my best day in Tokyo was wandering around the suburbs by myself to find this and a few other stores.

…and please learn some basic Japanese, you’ll get a much more rewarding experience if you do, especially at bars/izakaya if you speak to locals. We got drunk in Kyoto with a businessman who was stoked on us knowing a small amount of Japanese and showed us a range of Japanese drinks.

ahhh I’m going on may 1. probably a week or two

Here now. Dreamworks down the road from me but haven’t checked out yet… Stumbled upon geek garage in nakameguro. Good selection of bikes for sale. Bit exxy but very want. Bought a cycling hat and after I said I came from Australia he gave me a key chain lol. Might check out dreamworks tomorrow. I think sexon peace is closed? Fb says they are open but they posted in January that it was their last day. Haven’t found a frame I want (more like can afford) yet. Might grab a saddle and what not tomorrow though

Another update : I’ve been speaking to toru (guy with f moser on campag discs in ezylee’s write up) and sexons actually closed down early this year. Dreamworks only deals with vintage road bike gear now. What’s the go? :frowning: it’s almost like a dying breed here. Even tokyorentabike no longer rents out bikes. Was told by toru to check out Tokyo hippies mart. I said if I can take a photo with his f moser I’ll be happy lol

I’m over in japan at the moment too. Struggling to find any keirin info. I put a lifeline out to tomity so hopefully get a reply.

Yet to check out any shops but have seen a rad fluro zunow on the street locked to absolutely nothing but a tiny cable lock around its rear rim, a pinarello “locked” the same, and found the Bridgestone anchor of my dreams owned by some guy who had no idea what it was

Trust is different in Japan, there is a lot of bike theft but I understand it’s more people looking to get home quicker / after the last train than organised thieves. A mate lost his wallet, next morning it was at the police station with all the cash still there.

We had bikes a few times in Japan and only used the around the wheel horse shoe lock without any dramas in both big cities and in smaller communities. We revived a bike from a pile of 30+ dumped behind a hotel in Yokohama for my wife, took it round for the day without locking it up and was there every time (yes we returned it to the pile at the end of the day).

Hi guys,

I got back from a Japan trip a couple of weeks ago, among many highlights I bought a frame and some parts (which is what inspired me to re-join this forum after a few years of being slack and not riding bikes much! Hello to everyone).

I can post some pics if you like, long story short:
Went to the Keirin in Kawasaki, very interesting experience with $1 entry and dog-track atmosphere, yet the riders are world class.
Went to a lot of shops: Hippies Mart, 25Las, Blue Lug, Tempura, C-speed, Giracha are some of the names I remember, I think we went to 7 or 8 Keirin related shops. Very difficult to find and most times we were pointed from one shop to the next by the shop owners. All were very surprised by our enthusiasm to Japanese bikes haha and super friendly/helpful.
Rode 500-ish km from Tokyo to Osaka, stayed along the coast which was great, only one killer hill section through Hakone, then bullet train back. Super enjoyable ride with no stress or drama, took 5 days at a cruisy pace (riding ss not fixed!)

My best advice would be to take a bike over there and ride it around everywhere like we did (not much of a drama going through the airport, bit of a struggle carrying bike bag and suitcase on the train though!) and if you want to go to the shops try to make contact with some of them first through email or facebook, they love it! Also we had a pocket wifi so we had google maps the entire time which was absolutely essential, I don’t think we would have found half the stuff we did without it!

Pics would be awesome. For those taking bikes on trains, it’s cool if you keep them covered. We had folding bikes with bags and never got questioned, only time we tried without packing them up they said no. My mate had a sheet in is backpack and just wrapped it up which got the job done.