saw the boys setting up the semi-permanent exhibition in the valley last night. Definately worth a look, some of the best art i’ve seen in a while! Go check it out before the thursday night ride (and tell lachlan, chad and matt that they need to ride more with the crew!!). sweet dudez. runs 6-10pm until this thursday. over and out.

Let’s check it out tomorrow before the ride

Sounds good, can we make a bike stack and all wear cut off jeans :roll:

But seriously i’ll be keen.

lololol, see ya’ll there, should have the camera in hand as well, gotta think footage footage footage these days…

Yeah I’m keen, I’ll be at Gear straight after work around 5ish. Can scoot over from there once we amass a posse.

sweet. may or may not be there, d’pends on when i leave for toowoomba for easter weekend.