whole bike is kitted out with campag njs:

Jesus, i would love to know the price of that build.

You’d be over the moon once you found all the shit.

Its funny he rides it on the streets. I’d keep that shit inside…

and padlocked!

Looks better with the drops than the horns

Dell really needs to make waterproof keyboards, my work kb is now sticky after those samson photos … mmm I hope thats drool

I want those bullhorns!

i’m not usually one for bullhorns, but they do indeed look nice!


it is a nice bike, but he is really killing it with those stickers on the frame. :roll:

flange is a funny word.

More NJS Campy goodness…

Campagnolo NJS approved Goods - a set on Flickr

yeah it’s a nice build but why not use it. its like people who buy nice cars and don’t drive them, buy nice watches and not wear them, same here, a bike is meant to be ridden, if its not ridden it ceases to be a bike.

and has dura ace decal on NDS chainstay

I used to think like this too, it was in relation to old musical instruments locked away in museums, never played.
A friend that deals in old instruments told me there is a line between those that should be preserved forever and those that can be played.
He is right, how sad would it be if the only classic equipment was used to almost destruction, After all we are only talking a hand full of groupsets left in sealed boxes.
I learnt from the musical instruments the difference between restoration, conservation, and preservtion- without a standard to go by then none of this is possible.