Ok, here’s the deal. If you’re a company, and you want to flog your shit - Pay for a banner at the top of this site, which covers the cost of hosting this whole thing: I don’t make any money, and neither does anyone else, so don’t be cheap.

For big companies, it’s $80 a month. For little one-man shops, it’s $40 a month. The site gets 25k unique hits a month & it’s fucking peanuts; you will sell more stuff, and make more money, and our economy won’t be so fucked. Remember consumer spending makes the world go round.

If you organise an alleycat, and get a bunch of advertisers to help you out: awesome, good for you. you can promote your alleycat all you want, put spoke cards in threads, and get one of the moderators to put it as an item on the blog - That doesn’t give you free run of the place to put advertising in your signature, or generally be a corporate whore. The stuff you get for free, costs these companies nothing, and as much as you’d like to feel all warm and fuzzy about it, it ain’t fuzz: It’s business. They get an ‘in’ on being part of the trendiest thing since hanging ten and the kickflip. Don’t forget that.

That’s my rant for the day. And no, George I’m not pissed at you, you just inspired this sticky post :wink:


that’s fantastic, good for you for taking a militant stance on this sort of thing, it’s really important i think. advertisers shouldn’t be allowed to leech of a communities way of sustaining itself without giving back something concrete.