No chain stay cable stop?

I’m a bit stumped. My girlfriend picked up this Teschner a couple of weeks ago and I started building it. It’s missing a few things on the frame and the only one I can’t rectify is the lack of chain stay cable stop.

It’s also missing DT cable bosses but I’m just going to run a bolt or some thread all the way through the frame to hold both cable stops.

Is there band on cable stops for chain stays?

Help pls.

This is the non drive side hole where a boss should be… Don’t know if this is supposed to be for internal routing.

Full length housing and zippy ties?

I was wanting to avoid that but I guess I could get some cable guide clips that stick to the frame. Would a full length outer make a difference to the shifting at all?

Di2 frame? Perplexing.

What does the underside of the bb look like? It could be a full length outer job that runs through the frame to the BB then along the chainstay with one or two zip ties to keen it neat along the chainstay ?

As mouche said… perplexing!

I might have a clamp on guide for the chain stay. It’s probably from 1963 and would’ve been for shit bikes then, but I might have it. Can’t check til tomorrow night though.

I think this is pre di2. Above is the bb shell the left hole is threaded. I think I will try the full outer for the rear mech and some jagwire cable clips that have adhesive backing so it doesn’t look too DIY.

Thanks guyz!

Teschner is still around. Perhaps ask on his FB site? Redirecting...

No chance of rustling up a complete build in Google Images and looking at it?

If ones threaded it’s probably meant to take a plastic cable guide screwed in. The other hole would be a drain hole maybe? I say get in contact with the company. Hopefully they can help.

I found a thread on BNA and the previous owner had it set up as a single speed. Couldn’t find any other images that matched this frame.

Unless this was a Friday 430pm build, the DT is probably meant to use the bolt through stops like cannondales had. As for the CS stop… it wasn’t epoxied on and has come off? iunno.

You could use a bolt on if the CS is small enough, there’s a few styles, Campy/Shimano/generic, but they’re mostly for older steel bikes like WCP says.

BB shell almost certainly has a plastic guide screwed in with a drain.

Thanks Blakey! I’ll message Westiepete about his chain stay stop and then try and find a suitable dt setup and I think I have a bb guide kicking around.

If’n you can’t find a bolt thru dt boss (or they’re too much cash), measure the DT OD, get a clamp on DT cable stop, put some white electrical tape over the holes and clamp the stop closer to the HT (don’t clamp the weakened area).

You will need inline barrel adjusters, at least for the front to get the trim right. Fit them somewhere between the shifter and the stop where it won’t muck up the cable run or foul the headtube.

Another CS fix would be to use a stick on hose guide and then fit a stop to it

That’s assuming the stop that’s just meant to hole the hose to the frame can deal with the shear force acting as a housing stop. Probably wouldn’t work for a brake, but gear cable forces are a lot lighter.

Hey Kit, just found this, it’s for mounting DT shifters for frames that don’t have mounts. Might be of some use to you. You can have it for free.

^ Would rather the L-Bug. Empi 8’s?

Yep, Empis. 1303S, it’s been slow, we’re putting windows back on this week.

^ Rad. I miss having a beetle.

Anyway, back to cable stops…

pretty sure i got spares of these, ill check my parts bin tonight

Thanks Nagesh, don’t think that will fit around the dt unfortunately.

Cheers Blakey, I’ll try and track some guides down if Jase can’t manage to find the bosses.