No dairy, no soy, tasty food?

I have to switch to eating no dairy and no soy [moral support mostly]. So with all the vego’s and vegans here I thought I’d ask what foods I can substitute. We’re still an omnivorous household - but don’t hold that against me.

Thus far, all I have is Nuttlex and Almond/Rice milk

ps. Searching the ingredients list on everything in the cupboard last night. There seems to be dairy and/or soy in nearly everything! Except then you find that ‘butter flavoured popcorn’ has no dairy whatsoever? Go figure.

I will start out by saying I am not a vegetarian or a vegan so I don’t have too much knowledge behind this.

But, my wife is actually allergic to dairy (lactose) and soy. Like you found last night, soy is in everything and it is highly frustrating when shopping and especially when eating out when floor staff think that if it doesn’t have soy sauce in it, then it musn’t have soy in it.

So with the no dairy thing, is this because of the lactose as well? If so, there are a few options I can give you that you can substitute for dairy.

Cheers mate. With the dairy, as far as we know it’s not a lactose thing. It is a casein protein intolerance. So unfortunately some of the lactose intolerant friendly foods might still be a no go.

Is this for the young’n ?? Thats shit, I to have a milk protein allergy, not lactose intolerance. Its difficult as you would know, but more through trial and error (BIG ERRORS!) i have figured out what i can consume with little or no problems. Doctors etc couldn’t narrow it down for me.

Okay, for bread we have found italian bread and lebanese bread are okay for eating. So if you like buritos or tacos. Grab some lebanese bread. Always check the label on things before you buy it though as you will find some brands of lebanese bread will contain soy. Once you find your brand… sorted.

For pasta we use wholemeal pasta, it is also better for you!

You are going to have to check the casein protein intolerance with a Dr as I don’t know anything about it. But we use goats cheese if we need any cheese in our foods. We have also just found a yoghurt that the wife can have… only discovered last week so I am not sure on the brand. I will check it out for you.

I will talk to the wife tonight though, she knows all of the tricks. But you are on the right path with nuttlex and rice milk. I will also go through our recipes if you would like and can send them through. We have a few favourites that we always cycle through.

Avocados. (Sorry HMC).

What specifically are you trying to substitute for? As a start, cooking meals from scratch and using wholefoods will avoid using processed products with added dairy/soy.

For milks, cashew and almond are nicer than rice. There’s also oat, and maybe soon, hemp.
For fats, nuttelex, olive oil, coconut oil, (avocado!)

Ev - Yeah it’s for him.

Recipes would be great. Thanks.

Edit: Trying to substitute for dairy stuff I usually cook with. Simple examples:

  • Mashed potato usually I add butter and milk
  • What can I add to scrambled eggs (loosening the mix with water is one way, but doesn’t add much in the way of creaminess)
  • Melted cheese alternative (no soy seems to be the issue)
  • How will I make a buerre blanc? (Ok, joke. I know I will have to avoid almost all the recipes in Larouse Gastronomique)

That cheap garlic bread from Woolies. No dairy in that. And totally deilcious and nutritious.

Mash - good EV olive oil (or nuttelex) & non dairy/soy milk
Scram - non dairy/soy milk
Cheese - You’re SOL. Daiya isn’t in Australia, it’s the best non dairy cheese, and is soy free: Daiya Vegan Cheese, Dairy Free Cheese alternatives

Mashed potato usually I add butter and milk

Use sweet potato, it doesn’t need as much milk to mash. So use rice milk and nuttlex… add a bit of paprika and honey as well. It goes really well with the mash sweet potato.

Melted cheese alternative (no soy seems to be the issue)

Goats cheese if you can use it.

nut milks tend to be prohibitively expensive (unless you make your own). vitasoy rice milk is the pick of the rice milk crops.

nut milk… tee hee

unless you make your own… lolz!

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Mmmm… Felafel. Just had Sabbaba for lunch in the new Westfield Sydney food court.

Just had a quick look online to get an understanding of what casein is, looks like the goats milk / sheeps yoghurt won’t work. But it does depend on what kind of casein you are avoiding.

Casein Sensitivity

If you still want some recipes, shoot me a PM with your email and I can flick across some ideas. Basically, it will be a lot of pasta + rice meals, as well as a lot of fresh veggies. Curries are also good as you use coconut milk. Your household is vegetarian right? Just so I don’t send you over a big fuck off T-bone steak recipe.

Here are a few brands that we have found we can use:
Bread - Falcone’s (do a good light rye + turkish bread)
Mission - Tortias and lebanese bread

Sorry about the pasta thing before, that was another allergy the freak wife has (egg).

hey mate, I’m a cookee over at south bank & we get lactose/soy intolerent(allergic) customers all the time strangely enough they always want mash
Best way we’ve found is to use a nice creamy potato (dutch cream, pink furs) cook till soft in EVO (or canola if monies tight) with thyme n garlic, once cooked and still warm peel potatoes and set aside in a warm spot, make a vinaigrette with the cooking oil (any wine vinegar is good, season with sugar n salt for best results) and soak warm spuds in it for 10-15 mins, puree pass, season, n serve :smiley:
also your screambies can always be let down with coconut or powdered potato milk (regrettably not cheap), i’m allergic to egg my self, the best advice i can give you is make everything your self so you control whats in it, even cheese is simple to make once you find the suitable substitues.
just thought i’d throw in my 2cents!