No Frills Swap Meet - 22nd November

Seeeellll selllll selllll!

5am if you want to get anything before gypsy does

I don’t think I have anything he wants.

If he doesn’t have it already it’s not worth having.

Double up bike swap an garage sale Sunday.

We are having a massive sale on this SUNDAY from 9 am in West End going on …so if you are on the swap meet, or could not find what you are after, we might be able to help out…
Vintage Steel Frame Sets any for 25 bucks, all PARTS 2 bucks each, RIMS 27",28",700,26" going for 4 bucks each…we got Bikes as projects too,ask for a price…

Cheap gaspipe frames for $25? Bargain.

there was a bucketload of rims in one of the pictures though, could be some gooduns

Well tHat was excellent…who knew that you could make money out of all the stuff that was lying around the shed.
Must get some more of the good stuff out next time.
Many thanks to Geoff T, whose entrepreneurial skills are way better than mine.

Yep, I just bought some of Zack’s stuff. Didn’t meet you Mouldy, or did I, we’re you next to Geoff?

Yeah he was next to me, with the sheet on the ground.

I got rid of a bunch of stuff including the Kenevans, so according to Scotty at The Archive later in the day I now have enough to put Ultegra on the Wolverine…

You met me when I sold you my Pompetamine :wink:
FYI, it is for sale again…and this time I don’t think I will be buying it back

ooohhhhh what an idiot, yeah sorry mate, forgot the user name… you should change it too “that on-one guy” :wink:

Thanks for coming legends! Such a rad day out, was running around most of the day. It was good to see bulk #FOA Brisbane crew.

Hahaha, strangely the Pomp is all I have left…sold the Fatty, Inbred and Poacher…in fact I don’t even have a fixie/track bike anymore…unless I flip the wheel on the Frezoni.
How times change…

I got kudos from Nicole for the cleaned up back deck, less wheels, frames and bike parts lying around put me in the good books. Chose not to answer the “how much money did you make” question…

You only made as much as your willing to give up.

Some here already know, I scored a Clamont roady frame and fork. The previous owner mentioned it was a Geoff Scott build. Pretty basic Tange 900 and maybe a little big for me so I’ll mock it up and hopefully I can make it work.

I just gave her my wallet, she looked at it and didn’t bother counting :wink: No matter what cash I got, and I still have things to sell, it all goes towards the cargobike.

Glad someone got something good from the gaspipe collection.