No Frills Swap Meet - 22nd November

WHEN: 22nd November 2015 - 10AM
WHAT: Bicycle swap meet
WHO: Anyone
WHY: Because bike swap

Last swap meet of the year, pencil it into your diary.

Great, looking forward to it.

Will attend :o

at least you aren’t looking for a disc this time

im on the hunt for a head gasket for my moto

What model? Genuine or reproduction? I got some gasket paper and some crayons so you trace & can make your own Bennetta.

taht sounds fancy…i used to use weet-bix boxes.

I’m just in the scene to be seen

location update for this?

Hey yeah I have heaps of shit to sell, do I just turn up with it?

turn up where man!?!?

rock up (early), find a spot in the shade, display your products, pay your $5 when Gav comes looking for it, and you’re in sales!

Ahhh hello… someone, anyone, where the fuck is it!?

I’m sure when Gypsy gets back he’ll let us know, it’s still a month away.

it’s at gypsy’s house. anything without a pricetag is $5

Gram says:


bump bump.

Do I need to shoot an email to someone regarding wanting to sell some stuff? Or just rock up?

9am gates for sellers, 10am for punters.