NO FRILLS Swap Meet [March 2016]

i reckon I’m going to pull a traditional show up at 9.45 no bargains left don’t sell anything style sunday, choice

is there a weather rule in play? Sunday morning looks questionable

So long as the hangover rule is in play (I’ve got tickets to The Mill for Saturdays 18 beer sample fest) I’ll be ok.

pull out the key!

I think Dub can be the official adjudicator on the hang over rule after the last one.

We’re on regardless. Should be swoight tho

Thanks all for coming today! Wet but worth it. Some good shit up for grabs today.

Sorry Geoff…Brewsvegas Saturday, weather, away from home all week…so many excuses I could use, but I actually had the boxes of stuff ready and just forgot until I was out with the wife…epic fail

It’s OK Mouldy, I had a Brewsvegas leave pass for Saturday as well that meant Swap meet was a no go for me too.