nobrakes in the news

Be careful out there.

The defendant had been riding a black Planet X carbon-frame fixed-gear cycle, a type more commonly seen racing at the Olympic velodrome, jurors were told. Such bikes used by the likes of Sir Chris Hoy and Laura Trott can only legally be taken on to the streets if fitted with a front brake, jurors heard.

If Alliston’s bike had proper brakes he would have been able to avoid the collision with the HR consultant, the prosecutor Duncan Penny QC said.

Penny told jurors: “The crown suggests that what the defendant was doing – riding a fixed-wheel bicycle without a front brake through a busy area of central London at nearly 20mph at lunchtime when hazards, such as pedestrians stepping out into the road, might well be expected to occur in front of him requiring him to react – was dangerous.

“What he was doing was such that all sober and reasonable people, knowing the circumstances as he knew them to be, would inevitably recognise it subjected other people to the risk of some harm resulting therefrom.”

nobr ains in the news…

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