Noisy new drivetrain

I have just put a brand new Miche Primato BB, Cog and Crankset on my bike, and topped it off with a new Charge 1/8 chain. Whilst it all looks good it is noisy as buggery, particularly when under load (accelerating, decelerating, going up hills).

I have lubed, checked chainline (which looks good) and checked chain tension with no improvement. The only thing (short of buying a new bike) that works is turning up my iPod :wink:

Have I missed anything or does it just need wearing in?

So the chain is used?
Sounds like the drivetrain just needs to bed-in. Ideally you would replace the chain when you replace the chainring and sprocket.


Sorry, didn’t read the ‘chain’ part in your post.

Ride it and after 100km the noise should go away.

sometimes noise is unavoidable depending on the chain you are using, I’ve found Izumi chains to be really nice and silent when other chains have been noisy.

keep it clean and lubed

what pitch chainring do you have? 3/32 chainring on a 1/8 chain can lead to a noisy drivetran… however lots of things can contribute to chain noise, with the two greatest contributors being lube and chain tension IMO. also check your chainline…

i’ve just given up on trying to quieten down my chain… as said above, sometimes its unavoidable, and can turn you crazy if you keep trying to fix it.

Pitch refers to the distance between rollers/pins (1/2" in modern bikes)… 3/32 and 1/8 refer to the width of the chain.

While a tight chain is better (IMO) when riding brakeless, a looser chain will be quieter and the drivechain will last longer.

With my KMC chain: because there is some space between the rollers and pins, I always have a ‘clacking’ sound.

as posted, it sounds like it’s just new, see if it’s still happening after a hundred k’s, if its getting softer etc.

Thanks all - will keep it clean and keep wearing it in.

Is it a Charge halflink chain?
They are directional. If you have it on backwards, (or upside down) its going to be pretty noisy.

I had this happen to me. I thought i’d take the chain off and give it a good clean, put it back on, lubed her up went for a ride- so noisey. I couldnt figure out what was going on (seeing as i had just cleaned it and lubed it). I took it to the bike shop and it took about half a second for the dude to point out that is was on backwards and upside down :oops:
I fixed that and now its as quiet as a mouse.

Yep - Charge chain. Currently have the “flat” side on the outside - I assumed this was the right way?

^ Thats how mine is and apparantly thats the right way to run it.
I aggree with the others, just ride it out for 100kms or so and see if it wears itself in.


Flat side on the outside could still be wrong if up-side-down.