Non aero brake lever hood replacement

Got some shimano non aero brake levers and I am trying to find a set of replacement hoods, they are BL-Z306 which are the 105 golden arrow jobs I think.

Anyone had any experience getting replacement hoods? The cane creek/dia compe ones look like they might fit, but before I get em thought id ask.


Ridgeways has a few to choose from, but dia compe ones in gear should fit

These are the original hoods for your levers. A but pricey though so you may want to look for hoods similar to this shape. Don’t get the square/boxy one’s as they’ll be loose on your lever.

NEW OLD Stock Shimano Brake Lever Hoods W O Extension CUT Outs NON Aero Black | eBay

Ok sweet thanks, was hoping to get out of it for a bit less than NOS sort of prices, will have to trek out to ridgeways and have a look

Actually there’s some good alternate choices out there. It’s hard to say but I think these might work … compare them with the original Shimano hoods for shape and take a punt.
Diacompe NON Aero Brake Hoods Brown | eBay

The Dia Compe shape is pretty good. I bought some Cane Creek ones a while back, but they’re boxy and didn’t fit the 3 sets I had - Suntour, Shimano or Modolo.

Black or Brown hoods with this Brooks Honey tape?

Saddle matches tape. Bought the set for a mate who never ended up using it.

Black (always contrast if possible).

next time buy some Dipell leather tape instead if you can. Infinitely better than Brooks (one piece rather than stitched, nicely chamfered, better quality leather, better backing tape, better colour choices & different options for perforations), actually tanned and made here in Oz by a family Biz.

::: Dipell - Leather Bicycle Handlebar Tape - :::

Yeah Spiz, I’m onto Dipell, just had this and a matching saddle sitting around BNIB for $80, bought about a year ago for a mate’s project he gave up on. Having said that, I’m not that keen on how Dipell has offset holes, meaning that if you reverse the wrap around the brake lever - which I like to do - it doesn’t wrap so well. Top shelf quality stuff though.

There’s many ways to skin a cat but you shouldn’t have to figure 8 bar tape, especially with old school brake levers where the lever hood/bod can be removed leaving the clamp in place (tip: fit the lever first, mark the bars with a texta pen where the clamp sits to make sure the height & position is correct).

Molteni Replica - Chuck’s Excellent Wrapping Tip

Takes time, might take a few goes to get correct but looks a bazillion times better.

Nah, I don’t figure 8. When I first learnt how to wrap bars, I think it was from a Rivendell video, and that’s how I’ve done it since. From the drops, I wrap from the inside out, and then change direction at the levers. The idea is that the way my hands grip the bars tends to tighten the tape either in the drops or on the tops. This has worked well for me so far, but doesn’t work with Dipell tape and its off centre holes.

The way I do it is explained a bit near the bottom of this page.

Rivendell Video !! Good man … :wink:

As I said many ways to wrap bars, and yes I now understand why your way doesn’t work with asymmetrical sided tapes.