non-disc tubeless rims

I’m looking for a good aluminium rim that has:

  • a rim brake track
  • tubeless compatibility
  • 22-25 mm external width
  • good strength for off-road use

I’m looking at alternatives to the Hed Belgium - great rim, but want to see what’s out there.

I’ve had good luck with A23 with light offroad use, but there are a lot of better options around now.

DT Swiss?

Assuming 700c?

  1. DT Swiss R 460 i18, 24/28/32. cheap!
  2. DT Swiss RR 411 i18, 20/24/28, asym option, comes with squorx nipples & PHR washers.
  3. DT Swiss RR 440 i16, eyelets, 20/24/28/32, asym option
  4. pacenti forza i20 20/24/28/32

Ignoring velocity A23/quill as quality is suspect from previous experience. (pacenti might have upped their QC/design by now after all their cracked rims). WTB ChrisCross i19 is sadly gone. Stans alpha 340/400 i17 might still be around but not as good as other options. Factory options like Easton/shimano/fulcrum, but no rim only option AFAIK.

For the price, the R 460 is hard to beat. And DT rims are almost always super plane and round.

edit to remove hydra because I forgot it’s disc only (like all good rims these days.)

personally I have a pair of OG A23s that have shitty skinny brake tracks and aren’t going to last much longer anyway, so I’ll probably get R 460 & RR 411 to replace them (coz 20/24 hubs)

I’m looking at the same thing right now. Narrowed my list down to Velocity A23 and DT Swiss R460.

A23 has an asymmetrical version for a stronger rear wheel but is more expensive.

(Also the H+Son Hydra is a disc only rim I thought.)

The US made A23s seem fine, though not the quality of a higher end DT etc

There’s a dude on BNA selling Hed Ardennes SL + wheelset (the 25mm version) for $650 (though he’ll do $600 if FOA-mafia do you a local pickup in Nth Melb). If you don’t already have hubs it’s a good option, although could be too light for your purposes.

Yep. Don’t build up as well as H Plus son rims but acceptable. I dont bother measuring ERD from mutliple points on the rim so can’t tell you how round. Spokes tension variation less than 10% on all 4 sets I’ve built up. 2 sets with an OC rear worked good and close the difference in spoke tension from NDS/DS significantly. Have a spare rim (lightly used) laying around somewhere if you’re interested in too that I can bring to Canberra.

Thanks for the suggestions/offers everyone. Those R460/RR411 look pretty good, now to find them.

I wish WTB would still do non-disc rims - I got pretty excited by the frequency CX but soz, disc only.

Bike 24!

Note that RR 411 (asym) comes with fancy nips and washers, R 460 doesn’t, and Sapim/DT spokes are sold without nipples now. Sapim Race spokes & (polyax nipples) are a good option, otherwise DT Competition and (‘pro’ nipples, or squorx). Or go fancy with supercomps/revs/lasers/cx-rays.

Cheers Blakey. Was hoping to get them in Aus but I reckon I’ll go the Bike 24 way.

Kinlin XR22T - 19 internal, 24 external, asymmetric option, 20,24,28