noob saying hi and about to start first bike build

hey all, been reading these forums for a little while now and learning as much as i can. Many great posts with plenty of information for a noob like me. Started off with MTB then got a roadie, and now onto a fixie. Anyways, finally got around to getting myself a bike to build… was given this by my neighbour who was throwing it out so i thought i would use it as my first attempt at building up a fixie…

before shots

after shots to come when complete

well, hope to learn a lot more from this forum and maybe one day go for a ride with some of you…


is that the seat height you’d ride the bike with? looks pretty low and the bars are up quite high. sorry if im making wrong assumptions here but it’d be a good idea to make sure the frame’s not too big before you go spending too much time/money on it.
either way good luck!

you are correct in your wrong assumptions, thats not how i ride the bike… its actually how i got it… as for time and money, this is my first attempt at a bike build so it will be a huge learning experience more than anything…

been taking some time, but have made some progress. got the frame back from the painters, got a new rear wheel, picking up a front wheel from my mate soon and then all i need is a chain and put it all back together…

here are some pics

cool well done

well got the phone call from my mate to say the bike is put together and ready to be picked up… this is how it ended up… very happy with it, only thing i gotta do is change the pedals, but that can wait… here it is

looks good
ride it for a while to learn what you like.
I do think you learn more about important stuff putting it together your self or at least helping your friend put it together.
But the man thing is that you enjoy it and ride it.


thanks fullface…

the only reason i got my mate to put it together is cause i don’t have the right tools for the job… to strip is i used whatever screwdriver, sockets shifters i had laying around. i could of tried putting it back together, but this way, i know its going to stay together and not fall apart

reasonable answer
and a good reply

remember never let oldfarts tell you what cannot be done but it is worth paying attention to what they say can be done

If it’s fixed get straps or clipless asap!!!

yes it is fixed, and the pedals are going… just put them on to take a pic of the bike… will put the clipless from my mountain bike on when i take it for a spin till i get some new pedals and straps