noob wheelset question

No im not a uni student, but I am discovering the whole fixed gear phenomena. This forum has been some great inspiration. I have commuted to work on my bike for years now but its been on my heavy XC mtb!!

Time to change. Im in the midst of searching out a frame but am curious about the wheelsets. I want to get a flip flop hub so Im looking for opinions that people have on a wheelset. I am hoping to spend around $300-400.

Locally it seems i can probably get some Velocity Deep Vs (I hear they are OLD!!) Ebay from the US opens this up to more but Id prefer to support local. What other options are there for that price from Aus?

What do you guys use?

Also, I see most flip flop hubs are spaced at 120, if I ended up with a 130 spaced frame does this compromise anything? chainline etc…


on my bike i have electric blue velocity deepv’s they only cost me $150 for the back wheel and $90 for the front just go to a local bikeshop they will sort you out hopefully

thats effing cheap young fellow. please pass on the details of this cheap bike shop to all. no, wait, is that for the rims or the whole wheel, built onto hubs?

on the goldcoast its called like cycle clearance warehouse the owner just called velocity for me and they sent them in for me and yer whole wheelset

fucking hell

I think they might be getting a few calls tomorrow!!

do you reckon theyd go for a group order :slight_smile:

yeh, thats like $200 cheaper than my small independent LBS… for your frame spacing problems

Abbotsford cycles, under Richmond train station for all your deeeeeep V desires

I’m up there in 2 weeks. Maybe I could buy + post shit back to the lovely forum people?

Yes please I’d be your new friend for life, oh and speaking of new lives good luck with yours overseaspm me. (Grey deep vs/Grey deep vs/Grey deep vs).

well if we can get a bulk discout. Im in for sure.

Me too!!!

Happy to send it all back in one bulk lot. Start organisin’!

Whilst on the wheelset topic! Any idea where i can get a set of those alex rims on formula hubs, the ones that are about 180-200$ a wheelset…

So has anybody managed to confirm/deny the possibility of a bulk order yet? At $240, I’ll grab a set (or two) even without a group discount!

i highly doubt that you can get them for $240 a wheelset. i reckon its bullshit cos they are $350/ Wheelset WHOLESALE PRICE.

that, my friends, is the voice of reason…

any updates on this?

Yeah. I’m up on the coast now, going to have a visit and check it out soon.

Was in there today. They had nothing, and the dude was busy selling a MTB anyway, so I cbf’d waiting around. Sorry kids, I’d say it was a false alarm.