Noosa Ride

September 8/9

(It’s also mah birthday ride btw)


Brisbane > Ferny Hills > Dayboro > Mt Mee > Woodford > Peachester > Bald Knob Rd (new route) > Montville > Dulong Rd (down the range) > Eumundi > Noosa


so this day will involve a late-ish start and 60km in — the Obi Obi road climb which looks nasty, then we can decide on options home.


Dude obi obi is nastier than nasty, ill do some of it but mainly join you guys around the coast some where.

Shirts i just pmed you that dudes number.

The tricky thing about that Obi Obi Rd climb - just from my intermet research - is that it becomes 1 lane for a kilometre just at the steep bit. If a car gets up behind you —₪that could be a whole lot of bullshit. But it seems to be only 450m of altitude…

Ill find out where but theres a famous climb thats about 20% near there.

sounds good to me

DJGR route/plan updates? accom? i suggested to dave we could join the regular saturday coast ride dayne gets on for the sunday morning, bit of breakfast afterwards with those of us who’ll be hungover (dave) and don’t want to ride, then we can head back to BNE? just a thought, dayne what sort of time frame does the ride work on usually?

We leave Noosa at 6:00am @ the fire station, head south turn opp the airport, then head down past twin waters to the end (near where Nostalgia town used to be)
thats about 7:00 then head back north the same route avg about 35-36km/hr.
When we hit the airport we then crank it up about 48km/hr-58km/hr till we hit perigian.
then cruise up to Sunshine beach for a coffe, some head out and do a lake weyba loop before coffe.
The speed can be intense depending on who’s riding.
I held in to the bays at coolum on saturday thats my best effort yet.
Its a fun ride with mixed ages from 16-65 some mtn bikers some pro triathletes some ex pro track racers and some pro roadies.

You guys should have a sickie friday and ride up then,
ride back sunday.

what would we do saturday?

The sat ride up here then extra

is this coastie lingo for “surfing, drinking ice breaks, pulling cones n perven on titties”???

Hahaha I was going to suprise u guys, but cats out of the bag .
You did just some the coast up pretty well though.


so far it’s me, scott, tom and shirts.
ryan is a maybe…

dee’s not coming anymore so we’ll have to carry all our gear.

it’s pricey close to hastings street - where did yoose stay last time?

I’m cutting out Mt Mee cause i don’t want to die, but we’ll still have the montville range and the (not insignificant) peachester climb to keep shirts happy. just over 160 from lifecycles

Are you gonna meet us halfway? maybe at nambour?

I don’t mind doing it on the friday, but tom and ryan might not be able to

happy to go with the consensus

i might be limited to training it home from nambour on the saturday, depending on work/uni commitments. i definitely can’t take the friday off.

I say we do it Saturday and if there is an early morning sunday ride with the coastie crew - then we do it. otherwise, the plan is to do the OBI OBI climb and train home from whereever we think we can get to.

6:15pm start at GEAR

I can probably take gear to noosa early that week or some thing and leave it at my folks.

the mt mee climb really isn’t that hard, dave you did it easy last time, but if we’re going to hit up that mad pinch that we cut out last time then yeah maybe not i’m easy, can’t remember the place we stayed but just look closer to the shops over the hill back towards BNE, closer to supermarket and food and beer anyway, near the big round about on the way into noosa, think it’s generally referred to as Noosa heads

it’s not that difficulty - it’s just it’s gonna be a warm day and with another massive climb after that…my gingerness will melt.
i’m gonna bail on the ride tonight. we can talk plans on saturday

so what’s the go lads?