Need some info on these Normandy track hubs, built /stamped 1981, need to be thoroughly cleaned up, more inside than out. Unsealed bearings, this may be a stupid question, but can you change them to sealed bearings?

Thinking about building up into wheelset, worthwhile??

im 99.9% sure you cant make em sealed as bearing races are a diff shape. sealed are square and loose are cup and cone.
Not bad hubs. If you can adjust them nicely theyll roll smooth as…
hope this helps

Sell’em and with the proceeds buy some sealed bearing hubs and build your wheels…much less fucking around and destroying some old hubs. Failing that, buy a new bike or get a mail order bride.

unlikely, but you could enjoy the zen pleasure of servicing them regularly.

This looks like a job for … FAG

I have a FAG BB!

I thought it was just the way you walked …