North QLD Ken BIN


Seller has a couple of other decent bits too…

what size is it? cant see it at work =(

Quality 531 Steel 58cm TT, 60cm Down Tube C-C.
Headset, Set Post, San Marco Aero Seat, Free Chain…
Freight at cost? Email location.

BIN 500
Seat and post and stem and bars are included by the looks

“58cm TT, 60cm Down Tube C-C”

there’s a 56cm Giessauf he’s selling too

Too big for you, jase. 60 x 58.

There’s a 56x56 Giessauf for $400 bin that looks quite nice.


cheers boys, 500 bin is decent. Get on it!

boys! again jase, really?!

hahah sh1t sorry!!

FOA really needs a gender sign under each username =D

hmmmm this is very tempting

You’ve already got a ken… and a giessauf.

is this giessauf built up? can you post it please? i’ve got one and i’m curious to see any others

Not too many come up in my size for this Sort of cash, and sure BPM i’ll get some shots up soon.

ive been eyeing off the giessauf but the ad is a bit vague and pictures not very good which has held me off getting it. Sending a message through as we speak to try get some more.

damn, some tall guy should jump on this. shit photo, but looks the goods!