North Rd Ride

Do any of the roadies here do it? Regularly or not?
Just curious.

I do a 5:45 beach rd ride Tues and Thurs, usually tack onto this bunch.

There’s lots of other groups if it’s not to your taste.

Yeh i do it occasionly, just wondering if i’m riding next to forum members!

tattoos of forum names recommended.

of course, i already have mine.

I do it occasionally - prefer to ride with the “Kings Men” ride frankly - its safer and more organised.


Too fukn early!!!

are there any rides in the afternoon? or night?

tour de burbs. leaves at the very reasonable hour of 6.50pm from the corner of the chandler hwy and the yarra boulevarde. lotta hills though…

when and where is that kiwi?

bredan, im not getting a name as lame as mine tattoed on my body.

In crit season I do this fairly often. 6am Tues and Thurs only.

I’ll loook out for you on the days i don’t sleep through my alarm.

I haven’t started back yet but am slowly getting my arm twisted, proper blows me out at work around 11am though.

i fall alseep around 11.30 ish on the days i do it, regardless of where i am.