North Stradbroke Ride

I just spent the weekend on stradie and thought would be rad to organise a ride around the island to the towns.

its would be a “meet at the ferry” situation to get across. I asked yesterday on the way back about bikes and we have to go over on the vehicle barge which takes an hour roughly but only cost $19 for a return. Ferry leaves from Emmett Street, Cleveland which is about a 5 minute ride from the Cleveland train station.

Plan would be to ride from Dunwich to Amity Point, than to Point Lookout. Get some food up there at the cafe/bakery. hang out up there, go to cylinder beach if the weather is good for it. than ride back to Dunwich and come home.

This is the route - | View 08/10/2010 Route in Dunwich, Australia
approx. 50km

What do people think?

Would be keen

Couple of times now, I have ridden along main beach from Point Lookout onto the mining road then blue lake to Dunwich.
You need to time it so the tide is going out, ride along the shore- impossible to cycle through the soft sand.
you can also ride along off the side of the main road on sand roads most of the way down- it is not much fun to ride down on the weekend.

just a suggestion ???

i’d be up for riding, but not through sand…