Northsider for a month.

Hey dudes. Im going to be house sitting in Cook for a month from next weekend. We can commute together and ride home together past pubs n stuff. Hola Hola Hola.

Heck yes! I usually go through Cook on the way to work.
Let me (and JP) show you around The Pinnacle, Mt Painter and Aranda

Also, we should do #It’sThirstyWork sunset beers at Shepherd’s Lookout sometime when the weather’s good.


This is great news.

Yeah I am pretty pumped about it. I am house sitting my workmates house - he has just spent over 60k on the kitchen and two bathrooms so it will be like living in a hotel. His boyfriend has a rad veggie garden so I have free reign on that for over a month. I am looking forward to getting back into cooking… I will be taking over the weber for the bbq.

I get to look after two Labradoodles too. Should be good!

^ Mmmmm the force is strong in this one

Wowzer. Can I come stay over?

I see a few trips to the durham in our future now that you’re within riding distance to home

Cook is over 15km from Kingston

I’ve ridden 15km after 5 pints before