Northwest ride, Sunday 3rd Feb

Okay, here’s the details.

Ev is heading off to NYC to get married next week, so we’re going for a pre-wedding ride.
Meet at Ev’s place at Baulkham Hills at 7am: pm me or Ev for details if you haven’t been there before. That time of the day it’s only about 40 mins by car to get there from the city. (or 80 mins ride if you’re super keen).
Route: heading up Old Northern Road to Cattai Ridge Road, then across to Windsor and back to Baulkho via Windsor rd.

Something like this:
Untitled by vandenberglegs at Garmin Connect - Details


You guys and your weddings and kids etc…

I’m in.

I think I’m bringing Carlin in the car. I don’t have roof racks so I think that’s all I can fit.

Are they still doing all those roadworks on the M2?

yeh still doing roadworks, but it’s usually totally clear that time of the morning. this should be some fun times.

Alex, you’re one of a dwindling group (i.e. no kids or rings)

Looking forward to this!

Sounds like a good time - I’ll be coming, pending a hangover.

hangovers welcome :wink:

If said hangover is particularly bad, we can divert the ride to a shit-hot vietnamese bakery in Riverstone for bacon pies and sticky buns.

everybody loves sticky buns…

man i wish i could come!

i fukin hate working sundays.

Tentitvely in for the first 30 minutes of the ride. I’ve got work but not until 8.

I will grab a lift to reduce the number of cars heading up. But if someone carless needs the spot, I can drive too.

Looking forward to this. See you tomorrow.

Awesome, weather permitting it will be a good ride. HeavyMetal is routemaster!

Yep, it’s clearing out here, and forecast is possible showers on coastal fringe, so we should be a-ok.

All set. Even cleaned my bike. See you in the morning.

Yeah, cleaned the crud off mine too, it’s guaranteed to rain now!