NOS Gazelle CX / uber commuter

One day to go.

NOS 56cm Gazelle Cyclo-cross CX - Reynolds Campagnolo | eBay

Gorgeous. Glad it’s too big for me.

must be just right for somebody

Postage is ridiculous…


If you can post a frame cheaper I’d love to know how?

It shows up for me as “$0.10 Standard International shipping” - that’s in the postage section not the description itself.

Wasnt this at $350 earlier? Now $220? Retractions?

Whatever, I could make 56 fit me I reckon, for something like this. I’d have a lot of time to ride it too, considering I’d be single if I bought it…

Yeah, just having a laugh about the 0.10c shipping!

Yes - a local bidder retracted their bid of 2277 which was supposed to be 227.

I told him to not bid like a pussy, and I’d be happy to retract his bid. I’m pretty sure it’s someone on the forum :wink:

Find me a 60cm one and we can talk! Is nice :slight_smile:

still cheap at 3 hours to go

Love the colours on this frame!