nos non-fluted super record crank

right hand side only, but in it’s original packaging. don’t see too many of the non-fluted ones. cheap, too

Campagnolo Track crank right hand side only 165. 144 PCD. | eBay

Don’t know what all the fuss is about non-fluted classic Campy cranks … they were always scoffed at until the facebook generation started in this game. Non-fluted always meant crash or warranty replacement, and always sold for a lot less then the originals.

Just my take on things.

Tell that to Polly.

Life before Facebook, you must be old!

i’ll bet you that was a strada crank, the tabs aren’t sitting flat, i’ve got one of these and want to find a NDS cos i reckon they look great, but i have heard one person say they were prone to cracking, any leads on why?

Drive side of this era of campy cracks have been known to sometimes develop hairline cracks in them and can completely fail… It can happen with any of them though not just the non-fluted. There is a thread about it on this forum I think, and more info on the interwebz, including a solution which is to gently file out the spots that can crack which can reduce the stress point on them.

There’s a few threads …

Poor fatigue detailing, in just over a week I’ll have some more time. Will put a Powerpoint presentation together for you.

Def is not a pista without tabs…

Speaking of Drivetrains - PROLLY IS NOT PROBABLY