NOS Tommasini Prestige Pista

So naice. This guy has alot of beautiful vintage frames up at the moment :slight_smile:
Very nice to look at!

His reserve is usually $600 US, I once won a ciocc from him before he started setting reserves.

Packs the frames very well.

It’s got a road bottom bracket, looks like the old fella (Tommasini) just had some stuff laying about and threw together a frame. It is bloody well thrown together though.


Obviously it is not NOS because it was made in 2009 and it is clearly stated that it is a reissue…but I thought Tommasini had been sold to some Americans and the original owners (ie the ‘tommasini family’) have nothing to do with it anymore.

I guess I thought wrong.

I also was checking these out for a while but they are confusing because it seems you can only buy them through this guy in Germany and nowhere else.

I wrote to the Tommasini importer for Australia asking for details on these frames and if they can be bought here or not I got this

"If you scroll down through the photos you will notice a series of numbers stamped underneath the bottom bracket, these should be the year the frame was manufactured. Whilst the numbers are not crystal clear they could be 89 which means the frame could be 20 years old. However we could be misreading the numbers so if you are interested in the frame it would be a good idea to ask when the frame was made or ask them to give you a clear, close up photo of the numbers so you can check it out. If it was made in 89 then that could explain the cheap price.

We are the Australian agents for Tommasini and we specialise in hand made, custom built Bikes which are made to fit each customers measurements.

If you are a serious track rider and want a custom built bike please let us know"

I just thought they looked sexy

Got to change my pants :oops: :oops:

^^ looks to me as though all the pistas have E09 on the BB… which is consistent with what the auction says… were you referring to these frames?

I specifically asked if these older style frames being sold by the guy in Germany were available through the Australian Distributor and he sent me the above email. I don’t know how they operate but maybe you could get measured up by them here in Australia and they would make you up a custom built new “vintage” styled pista.

Now that would be nice.

Yes i am, like the Bridgestone frame!