Not a great start to your day. . .

Did anyone see the COMPRESSED Subaru WRX on Batman Ave this morning?


It had an Autosalon sticker and flames painted down the side. . . maybe that’s why the fire brigade were there.

nah, but i did see a cherry picker fallen over off plenty rd. ambulances everywhere.

When you see the blue tarp it’s not a good sign.

yer I seen it and a lot of confused cyclists not sure where to go because of the road block.

Who puts flame stickers on a station wagon anyway?

Are you sure it was a wagon? It looked about 1mt long when I saw it and I thought the bootlid was about 150m away up near Rod Laver on the side of the hill. I’m pretty sure it won’t have a happy ending cause the fuzz are measuring skids etc.,21985,24464316-661,00.html

:-o “unrecognisable” is definitely the right word

I went past and thought it was a hatch… speed kills!

I would say ‘Darwinism’ at work but it never seems to be the driver that gets killed in these sorts of acts of stupidity.

I just realise how lucky I was when I was younger, I did stupid things in cars growing up in the counrty. You think you are invincible and nothing like this will ever happen to you. Apparently there is a part of the brain that is involved in risk accessment and it doesn’t develop properly in young men til mid 20’s.

Wow that picture said it all…From nice WRX to what now looks like a smart car.

Being the driver left behind to deal with what you had done would be an absolute nightmare. Happened to one of my mates. But he’s still the one at the pub on Sunday afternoon having fun.

I did stupid things in the city, where there are more hard things to hit. With the benefit of hindsight, I’m lucky to be here really.

Can’t imagine how the families and friends of subaru guy and his victims are feeling today.

LOL :lol:

i took a pic of the truck that toppled off high st yday - not realising the driver was killed.


Another dickhead that can’t kill me off the road.,21985,24475739-661,00.html

Gotta love the Herald Sun. The pop-up add that goes with this story is one for a car themed product “drift ‘n’ drag”…Should be ‘drift n splat’

yeah that was very classy.

come on, we’ve all done dumb things when we were young…

wait, this guy’s 34.

damn subaru drivers
they’ve never known the art of driving brakeless