Not as nice as some of the bikes here, but..

Got the frame from Erle, and built it up.

have seen a LOT worse looking bikes getting around town of late.

IMO a lick of paint and a matching front wheel and you’d have quite a sharp looking bike.

gotta love a weathered ol’ turbo saddle, I love mine to bits.

Ride on!

Good job! Hey, you gotta start somewhere, and I’d much rather see a rough bike being ridden lots than a flashy one just propped around cafes where the ‘beautiful people’ hang out.

Looks good.

And if you wanna make it “prettier” (not saying that you don’t like it the way it is), it’s amazing how easy it is to file of your cable guides and quickly spray paint the frame. it’s what I did to my blue Ricardo.

Looks good man. What’s the frame like?

yeah there’s something about a beaten up turbo that just says “you’ve got your priorities right.”


Looks good to me!